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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Terrible Play


What's the appropriate protocol for when you see your friend in a play and the play totally sucks but your actor friend seems to think it's good? I mean, he was okay in it but the script was horseshit. I could be honest if he didn't think it was all a brilliant masterpiece.


Dear Sir,

This is an interesting topic, indeed. But really, what's the big deal? So your friend liked the play. You didn't. You wouldn't feel morally conflicted if he loved a band that you hated, would you? So shrug it off. You're not obligated to agree with him, nor to convince him that he's wrong.

But you're friends, so try find something you can be positive about. You said he was an okay actor, right? If nothing else, tell him you're proud of him for following his dream! YOU BELIEVE IN DREAMS DONT YOU?!?!? DONT BE A DREAMKILLER YOU DREAMKILLER

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P.S. what if the play is brilliant and you're just stupid? ever think of that??

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