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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lonely Dude


Whats the deal with girls? All the girls i know complain all day about how they cant find a guy and how they want a boyfriend and everything. I'm not a bad looking guy, i have a job, and i just want a pretty girl to spend time with. So why that every time i try to talk to a girl she shuts me down? Are girls really just shallow?

I dont even get A date or email or nothin. My firends are all the same way- why are girls bitching about not having men when good guys like me and my buddies are out there and wanna take them out?


Dear Will Probably Die Alone,

If girls are shutting you down, it means there's something hugely wrong with you. Because girls know everything. The good news is you can figure out what your problem is, and fix it. Then you will meet a girl who looks like Jasmine from "Aladdin" and you'll live happily ever after in your awesome Taj Mahalesque palace.

Unfortunately, I can't help you figure out what's wrong with you, unless you send me a video of you jerkin' it.

Marry Me,
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